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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


We’re a leading Immigration consultancy certified in Canada and United States. Find answers to common questions about how an individual in Nigeria can relocate to Canada, US, Australia or NewZealand for work, education, business/tourism or permanent residency.

No one is ever guaranteed of a successful application process. We will prepare your application in accordance with the existing immigration regulations and submit it along with the correct supporting documents to be verified by the Canadian Department of Immigration. Ultimately, the outcome of your case is up to an immigration officer who exercises their discretion based on the argument and documents presented on file.
At this moment, we do not provide job search/settlement services. There are lots of legitimate and registered recruiting companies in Canada. If you work with us, we can provide you contacts so that you can contact them for foreign worker job opportunities.
We don’t. You will have to provide all the documents in support of your immigration application to Canada.
Yes. You surely need a sponsor for your study visa application. Sponsors are required to possess sufficient funds to support the applicant and his/her dependents upon their arrival in Canada, in accordance with the norms and guidelines established by the Canadian immigration authorities. If you are sponsoring your own education, you need to show adequate funds for the entire duration of your stay in Canada.

According to the instructions from IRCC, International students seeking to study in Canada must show adequate proof of funds for the first year of study and $10,000CAD for living expenses for a 12-month period (or $833 per month).

One Family Member (Spouse): Additional $4,000 for a 12-month period (or $333 per month)

Accompanying Dependent child: Another additional $3,000 for a 12-month period [or $255 per month]

To begin work on your application, you will have to pay an initial deposit as clearly outlined in our retainer agreement.

No. All professional fees and schedule of payments are non-negotiable (i.e. must be paid once the service is completed).

Yes, there are other fees. You must ALSO pay the Government of Canada’s fees. which consist of non-refundable processing fees and biometrics fees, which are only requested by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada at the successful conclusion of the Application process. We will inform you of the exact amount of these fees when you are a client.

The speed depends entirely upon you. If you provide all required documentation on time and follow our instructions, we can work quickly. Otherwise, it will take longer
We are usually very cautious about the types of cases we accept. Our firm enjoys a near 100% success rate with clients, who retain us via the Internet because we do not accept cases that are borderline and that have no hope of succeeding. Suffice it to say, if we positively assessed your qualifications for Immigration to Canada, we believe that you stand a very good chance of applying for and receiving Canadian Study permit or Permanent Residence with our assistance. We do not believe in wasting people’s time and money and our reputation is far too important for us to risk making “quick” profits at our clients’ expense. Our firm thrives on referrals from satisfied clients.

Processing times will depend on the following factors:
• The type of Immigration Application;
• The Case Processing Centre/Canadian visa office processing the Application;
• Whether an Immigration interview is deemed necessary in your case;
• The complexity of your case;
• How well your case is presented; and
• The existing caseload in a Case Processing Centre/ Canadian visa office at a given time.

Yes you can go ahead to apply for a Canadian study permit or Permanent Residence on their own but chances are that you will fail if not properly guided. It is true that there is not much that our firm can do insofar as most supporting documents will be provided by you. However, we caution you, now, that if your letters of reference, statement of purpose (SOP) are in the least bit deficient or your application forms have not been correctly completed, you will surely jeopardize the expeditious processing of your Application for Study Permit or Permanent Residence. Among the services that we provide are ensuring that your letters of reference comply with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s standards; ensuring that your Application forms have been filled out correctly; and drafting a well-thought and written response (SOP) which will accompany your Application package and argue why you should be issued a Canadian Study Permit and/or Permanent Residence. Therefore, it is advisable to retain the services of a professional for the entire application process to avoid mistakes that could result to rejection.

Our team is delighted to speak with you over the telephone and answer any questions that you might have. We can be reached, via email at info@empirefly.ca or call +234 809 022 2226 (Business hours from MON-FRI).