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At Empire Fly, we are a dedicated immigration consultancy specializing in helping individuals like you make their dreams of studying and working in Australia a reality. With our personalized approach and expertise, we guide you through the Australian immigration process, empowering you to thrive in this beautiful country.

Job & Employment

Empire Fly’s dedicated team assists you in exploring career opportunities in Australia, providing resume/CV optimization, interview coaching, and connections to employers across various industries

Student Visa Assistance

Empire Fly provides comprehensive support for student visa applications, ensuring you have the right guidance, documentation assistance, and compliance with Australian student visa regulations

University Placement

Our experienced team assists you in finding the right educational institution in Australia that aligns with your academic goals, offering guidance on university admissions, program selection, and scholarship opportunities

Skilled Migration

We specialize in helping skilled professionals secure work visas and navigate the Australian immigration points system, offering guidance on skills assessments, visa applications, and state-sponsored migration

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Study in Australia

Studying in Australia offers a world-class education system, renowned universities, and a diverse and inclusive learning environment. At Empire Fly, we provide expert guidance on university admissions, student visas, and scholarship opportunities, helping you embark on a transformative educational journey.

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Work in Australia

Australia offers a thriving job market, competitive salaries, and a high standard of living. Empire Fly assists skilled professionals in securing work visas, navigating the immigration process, and connecting with employers, empowering you to achieve your career aspirations in this dynamic country.

Online Immigration Assessment

Contact us today for free Australia immigration eligibility assessment. One of our immigration consultants will get in touch ASAP.

Here's what our past clients have to say


Aderinto Wakilat
Am really impressed with Empirefly international service. I love the fact that they were honest and forthright- no games. After dealing with several other agencies and being disappointed, i felt lucky to find Empirefly. Another thing am impressed with is the fact that they handle ur case in a way that i was motivated to continue because I almost lost focus. Thank you Empirefly.
Ken Okoro
Excellent customer service, very reliable, trustworthy, legit. I recommend them for all your travel plans. I can recommend them without thinking twice because I am a beneficiary of their great service.
Justice Iroezumba
I came across EmpireFly profile randomly on Instagram, after getting a Canada Study visa refusal with my family in our first application FROM A DIFFERENT AGENT. My spirit and instinct decided to give EmpireFly a try and I am glad to say that i do not regret making that move. At first he gave me his words and guarantee of 1000% (A thousand percent) success. When I read there SOP it was well detailed and all supporting documents were professionally arranged from start to finish and from that moment I had no fears that they will see me through. I was able to see a very clear difference and professionalism on EmpireFly which i did not see from the initial agent that we used. After our submission, Boom!!! Our re-application was approved…..My wife and 2 kids including myself have just landed in Canada. I strongly recommend EmpireFly when it comes to all categories of Canada Visas and American Visas. Try them and thank me later. Thank you EmpireFly…..... bravo 👏
David Chigbu
Montreal, Canada
I have become your number 1 ambassador. I practically tell everyone interested in relocating to Canada about Empire Fly. Much Appreciation from  Montreal.
Joseph Legusen
Empirefly International give top notch services, good customer relations and always ready to make your travel dreams come true. I will gladly recommend Empirefly International to anyone who is ready to make his/her travel dream come through. 100 percent.
Nazarus Aligo
Toronto, Canada
Thank you for your support. I'm very grateful

How we work!

Our Process

  • Step 1


    Schedule a consultation to discuss your educational or career goals, evaluate your eligibility, and create a personalized migration plan.
  • Step 2

    Documentation Assistance

    Our team assists you in gathering and organizing the required documents, ensuring a complete and accurate application.
  • Step 3

    Application Submission

    We handle the submission of your application, closely monitoring the process to ensure compliance with immigration regulations and deadlines.
  • Step 4

    Post-Arrival Support

    Empire Fly provides ongoing support after your arrival, offering guidance on settling in, cultural integration, and other necessary services.


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